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Baile Felix Tourism

Baile Felix and its surroundings !

In comparison with other resorts, only in Baile Felix you can take advantage of : a mediterranean climate, fresh air, places where you can recover physically and psychically, countless ways to have fun in the vicinity of a well known city on the European map – Oradea.
The thermal waters beneficial for a lot of physical conditions and all ages are bringing every year tourists from all over Europe, from the far east nad across the ocean.

The access to this location can be done by car, by airplane to Oradea airport, on the railway “ Oradea – Baile Felix “ in just a few minutes or by taxis from Oradea City situated only 7 km away.
Once you arrived in this location you will meet the natural habitat of the Lotus flower ( Nymphaea lotus  thermalis) which became the main attraction of the resort.

For the amators which are into more sophisticated hiking, in the county of bihor there are a few famous locations that you might like to visit :Stana de Vale (Valley sheepfold ), Pestera Ursilor ( Bears Cave ), platoul si cabana Padis ( shelf andchalet Padis ), Cetatile Ponorului ( Ponorului Fortress ), Cetatile Radesei ( Radesei Fortress ), Valea Galbenei ( GalbeneiValley) si Izbuc Ponor.

Oradea present a high interest due to the baroque architecture of the centre of the city. Oradea fortress is also an old and very interesting place to visit. All of these locations are visits annually by tourists from the entire mapamond, many of them coming here initially only for Baile Felix resort.

Enjoy the discovery by yourself !

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