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About Us

Welcome to Raluca Guest House site !
The activity of this Guest House has its origins since 1962 ( over 50 years ago )when a grand-grandmother started to host guests in two rustic houses throughout the entire year regardless the season. Even during those times in Baile Felix resort the tourists were coming from all over Romania and from abroad since they were attracted by the famous  geothermal waters.

The actual version of the Guest House became functional at the end of the year of 2000. Each and every single year we tried to add new facilities corresponding to the “ 2 daisies “category, groovin the number of the tourists which are looking forward to be provided with our services.

Our services were appreciated by the majority of the tourists each took advantage of our accommodation.

From Baile Felix resort we present you :

                                                        RALUCA GUEST HOUSE

Accommodation place classified with ” 2 daisies “ situated in Bihor county, at a distance of 8 km away from the Town Centre of Oradea, in spas Baile Felix resort.
The Guest House is situated only 150 m away from the thermal pool of the “ International Hotel “ and 250 m away from the thermal lake whit Lotus flower. The location is ideal for spending your vacation and the optimal solution of accommodation for the guest interested in balneo treatment and total relaxation.
Raluca guest house is situated in the vicinity of “ Apollo and Felix “ thermal pools and Recovery Center.

Also due to the fact that the guest house is placed in the immediate vicinity of the national road Oradea – Deva, DN 76 ( E 79 ), it is a place highly recommended for the people in transit; the persons who are in transit can enjoy quiet and intimate accommodation, getting the well deserved rest after an exhausting day avoiding the crowded and noisy metropolis and enjoying the fresh air.

All of our guests are returning thanks to the pleasant memories and great experience.

You can become one of them !
Is up to you to decide as soon as possible, we are not calling you to the lowest prices…. we are waiting with the most honest ones.

Do not forget:

For the thermal waters fans, Raluca Guest House is the ideal location for spending your vacation , and the optimal solution for the balneo treatments.

Till then :

 The warmest regards from Baile Felix.

Hope to see you soon at Raluca Guest House !

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Raluca Guest House - Baile Felix
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